Dear Tourism Professionals,

Have you been looking for a way to take your social media skills and travel experience to launch a new Tiktok account, or to create a video content strategy that really makes sense to your audience (whilst generating income, too)?

Have you wondered if it’s possible to take all of the things you know about tourism and convert them into enjoyable and fun remote experience for your prospects on Instagram? And that also gives you the income and lifestyle freedom that you want?

In this new hands on, workshop we will go through a simple process that will enable to grow your following on Tiktok and Instagram, attract new clients and define what is the ideal next-step for you to get started as a travel brand with a solid Tiktok and Instagram presence.

You will also learn how to create a converting Facebook ad with a short investment and a growing ROI.

In the end of the course you’ll also get a FREE download kit that includes a list of Tiktok and Instagram tactics that are working and growing right now, as well as an exercise to help you identify what your unique “brand differentiator” is.

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A HANDS ON Practical session, with pen&paper that includes:

✅ How to to get Quick TikTok wins to increase reach and exposure (optimizing engagement and generating leads). Being the world’s fastest growing social media platform, TikTok has around 800 million monthly active users and has come to stay.  And if we don’t follow the trend and become regular users, we’ll be left behind. (Abdul, Marketingmentor.travel)

✅ How to create a simple facebook ad to promote price friendly offers (and magnetize sales). (giving you also game changing hints on how to leverage Facebook Business Suite and Facebook creator studio) (Marcus Schäfer, CNO Buzz.Travel)

✅ A 5 star hotel General Manager gives you his secret to still attract customers (and how you can use those lessons as well)

✅ Tactics you can use to maximize Instagram for your business (with easy and informal appearance on live video to engage your audience) (Abdul, Marketingmentor.travel)

✅ Our list of highly recommended books for you to read and implement (Abdul & Marcus)

Stay active & fit challenge advice: giving you a list of IG and Tik Tok accounts to follow (Abdul & Marcus)

Joining fees

We’ve built this course with the support of Social Media Experts and Travel Visionaries to help us build the best Game Changing Course for Travel Brands.

These fees will help us grow and build more successful courses for the future.

A fee of £49 is required to attend this workshop.

Workshop content

A 2021 Social Media workshop for Travel Brands

@Saturday, 09/01/2021, 10am (GMT+1) | 10am London | 12pm  Johannesburg | 6pm Singapore |


(to be distributed in the end of the course)


How to grow your TikTok and Instagram accounts organically ⭐Convert your new Instagram followers to long-term loyal paying customers who love your business⭐ Create a converting facebook advert to attract qualified leads ⭐Monetize your Instagram and TikTok accounts⭐


Abdul Sacoor

Helped £10 million turnover Hajj companies to achieve sales targets through online marketing training, sales skills training and lead generation.

Achieving Digital Excellence in Travel. Think Local Act Digital Be Global

Founder @Marketing Mentor for Travel Professionals

Digital Marketing consultant for travel agencies > £10 million turnover and keynote speaker and  coach in the tourism platforms Buzz Travel and World Halal Tourism Exchange about Promoting Tourism in uncertain times, Sustainable Tourism, Digital Marketing and Sales. eTourism Revolution talks moderator at Virtual WHTE Expo.

16 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Data Research and Strategic Partner of Tourism Technology Startups, Abdul Sacoor is a Trainer and Mentor for Travel Agencies, Tourism Consultants, Tour Operators, National tourism boards and Ministries of Tourism and Culture.

He’s also a Blogger and Author of the Travel Consultant Survival Kit  in a covid19 era for the Tourism Industry, and Coordinator of the Travel Marketing Mentoring programme  for Tourism professionals.

“Nothing fulfills me more than creating a framework of personal relations from which I can learn with and to explore, travel and to belong to a network of great and amazing personas and outstanding human beings that contribute and collaborate with each other to build a better world for all”


Abdul Sacoor is the Founder of the Digital Marketing Coaching Agency for Tourism, www.marketingmentor.travel based in Leicester in the United Kingdom.

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Marcus Schäfer

Marcus is a Webdesigner, Online Marketer, and Facebook Ads specialist who started working in the travel industry 3 years ago. With BUZZ.travel he was part of the team developing and promoting this global social network for travel professionals, including virtual presentations, interviews, and expos.



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