Since 2012 Whatsapp has become a popular communication tool used by smartphone users not only in the UK but around the world. In their official blog post in February 2016, the company has stated that they’ve reached the mark of 1b users worldwide, which means that one in seven people in the planet has Whatsapp installed in their smartphone.

Among the usability of whatsapp in sharing the common Good Morning images in family groups or the embarrassing photos of groups of friends, some business minded people have realised that Whatsapp  has also a great potential to help businesses grow.

It’s Fast and Easy

Nowadays people want to get everything done in the most fastest way. Internet has made things easy and has decreased waiting times. Whatsapp has become a part of the process. We are able to communicate in real time with anyone around the world for free. You just need to have access to a wifi network.

Therefore, offering to your customers a fast and easy way to talk to your company has become indispensable.  And the contact to your clients through Whatsapp can be done in different segments: sales, appointments, (in doctor clinics, hairdresser salons, pet shops…) customer service, product presentations, customer support, among others.

It’s a very useful tool to get in touch with someone without interrupting what the other person is doing (unlike phonecalls) and at the same time, having the assurance that the message will get to the end user. Furthermore, it became an essential part of the daily use of the smartphone, making it more easily readable than the emails, for example.

How to start

Firstly you have to bear in mind that not everyone will like to instantly receive messages from your company. The relation that each person has with this particular app is more personal then in social media, for example. But if you have a personal connection with that person and you are familiar with them in terms of knowing their interest in your product/service, then it’s ok.

You should test it by sending your contacts a message with a value proposition which in a certain way will benefit them. Alternatively, a great way contact to your clients is to send them a message letting them know that you are available through whatsapp to answer to their queries and they can use it to ask you any questions. Besides that, Whatsapp can also be used to track sales. Ask your customer if your product has been delivered and ask them for reviews. You can also use Whatsapp to confirm an appointment and inform your customer that he can reach you in case of cancellation or delivery time change some days in advance.

More Whatsapp for businesses features

Whatsapp is working to deliver more functionalities for businesses and they will test them this year. It won’t be a lot different than facebook. Facebook has bought Whatsapp in 2014 for $22b.Companies will have access to the mobile numbers of customers and then will be able to contact them directly.

In their official Blog, whatsapp has considered some examples to use their app for different situations like for example the way that Banks inform Anti Fraud companies about any kind of scam or if any Airline companies needs to inform their customers regarding flight delays. They’re actually different but important situations. So, you can also use Whatsapp for important announcements, but just used them consciously without looking like spam in emails.

Be creative  

There are also many other ways to use whatsapp for businesses which have been successfully implemented by some companies. For example, sending over documents , videos, audio recordings that will help your customer to use your product or service, help him to solve issues or receiving new instructions or resources.

The customer service of a company will mostly benefit from the use of Whatsapp. You should have a separate phone and a team in place just for whatsapp enquiries. For sure, this will increase customer satisfaction and the solution for your problems will be easier and faster. Remind your customers of your Whatsapp number in your website and in social media advertising campaigns.

You can also use Whatsapp to add value to your services. For example Hellmann’s used Whatsapp effectively to send recipes to their consumers, according to the food available in their fridge.  Personalisation and direct contact were two ingredients used for a great combination!

Using whatsapp for different things like food delivery, for cinema tickets or group excursions has also been common. There are endless possibilities.


After you have touch based with your customer through Whatsapp, it’s important to keep him updated. The smartphone is nowadays a 24/7 wearable for the majority of people and Whatsapp is often used to contact family and friends. So, any kind of contact from your customer at any time, deserves a fast response from your side.

It also doesn’t mean that you can whatsapp him in the night or weekends. This can also be considered intrusive and generate the wrong effect.

Whatsapp for businesses is a new concept but using it in a smart and balanced way will be seen as a good and practical tool. Having this in mind, your company will be able to answer to all the queries and improve customer satisfaction.

Have you considered to use Whatsapp for your business? Do you have a new idea on how this tool can help you get more sales?

Tell us how do you envision it for your business and we will setup a meeting to discuss further.

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