Managing social media requires commitment. The resources are always changing, there are always new trends and the audience has a lot to choose from. Keeping a specific feed relevant is a great challenge and generating engagement looks sometimes like an unending mission. However, it’s all about planning your strategy wisely.

Using social media to promote your business is a priority nowadays and essential for your company’s Brand identify. We will help you promote your content using social media in the most effective way.


Seems obvious isn’t it? Well, if your post in social media is just a one way relation with no interaction from your fans, then you should rethink the various ways you can to stimulate and engage people in your conversations.

Asking questions, giving people challenges and raise important questions…All kinds of interaction can be used to show to your audience that you want to hear from them and you want to build a relation with them. Don’t make them think that there isn’t nothing valuable for them behind those images and text, but show them that your channel is open for contact and you are open to talk, clarify and even to receive feedback.


If you don’t measure your efforts of the social media content of your company, then you won’t be able to define what your goals are. It’s important to keep track of the main posts on facebook which gained more visibility and got more likes, comments and shares to understand where they’ve done well.

Always check your numbers. Number of likes, comments, shares and learn from them. Test your creativity and identify people’s interests so that you can repeat that post that got more likes in your page. Don’t be afraid to understand why that post didn’t capture so much attention, because that can be an important and valuable information for you to improve.

Share your Content

It’s a fact that people will only go for company’s social media pages only if that information is valuable for them. Therefore, it’s crucial to publish content which is interesting for them. After spending hours doing that video, ebook or that Article, don’t keep it static, make it shareable through different channels.

Social media are the best tools to make your content being spread and bring the attention of new followers and keep the existing ones. The combination of good Content and sharing possibilities are the key of success. It’s not only enough to produce but also to share good and relevant content.

Embrace the Visual

People usually pay more attention and remember easier the visual elements. Images and videos generate more engagement then simple texts. So, let’s work on it!

Think of photos and interesting video shootings that will bring valuable insights to your audience. Make your video stand out and create an appealing feed in your social media, so that everyone will like to follow. You can use the various lean options that are available for free for images and music, if you don’t want to invest a lot in these initiatives.


We are living in an era that everything is fast evolving. There are always new trends, new functionalities in social media and the moment we start getting around using one of them, you are prompt to use another one because everyone’s talking about it the next day.

So, it’s important to be updated about all the new trends, give your content a new look and always take notes about what the youth and younger generations are talking about because in there you might find the value proposition you were looking for your product or service.

Take care of your audience

Your followers want to make their opinions count and that you are taking care of their requests. A lot of companies are already using social media channels for customer service assistance. So, keep this aspect in mind.

Try to answer the fastest way possible to people’s complaints, suggestions and questions. This helps to build a good reputation and credibility for your company and to keep your customers loyal to your brand. Being kind in business is actually a differentiator that many people value.

Give them a solution oriented approach

Following the same idea of the previous recommendation, offer to present solutions to your customer’s problems. Try to help them. Be always willing to commit to deliver a solution they need.

Make it more personal

People always want to see the human side of things and to see the people who are working for them. This interaction brings more transparency and fulfils the customer’s curiosity.

A great way to do it is to publish photos and videos of your team of their daily routine. Show real people in real places and let the audience know your company. After some time you will build trust and you will make them feel that there is some one in the other side taking care of their requests online.

People people people

Like the name says Social is from and to people, therefore the social media platforms are to be used for people to know each other, talk and discuss. If you take a look to the most popular and viral posts, you will see that they’re either feelings related or funny. Make them feel something awesome and you will see your publication becoming something memorable.

So, whenever you create content, think that you need to touch people, attract them to something Higher and make them share that story.

Offer something back

You’ve achieved a good amount of followers and they are always engaged with your content. Have you thought in appreciating that? Thanking them for that? Rewarding them for that? You can create contests, provide freebies and prizes for the winners. Or you can make your company raise awareness of a charitable cause.

It’s always good to give and this will get you people’s interest about your ideals for showing them you are actively involved in helping others. It’s also a great way to keep your existing customers loyal to your brand.

Did you like the article? Use these tips to build a stronger presence in social media and shoot me an message if you have any questions.

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