get ready to learn special tactics for negotiation

Here you’ll learn:

Sales Hacks and Techniques  |  How to Master the Art of Negotiation   |  Persuasion Skills  |

And ultimately a profitable business and a solid brand. 

What is the SALES SKILLS TRAINING about?

Hi! I’m Abdul Sacoor, a Tourism Marketing and Sales coach and I am here is make you a Mastermind of Negotiation.

Without mastering sales skills tips and negotiation strategies, businesses fail.

Selling requires commitment, dedication and purpose.

This course is designed not only for travel professionals but to every professional who is ready to sell and has the mindset to succeed.

In this course you will find Sales tips, Sales Hacks and Strategies as well as Practical sessions to become a Sales Expert.

Table of Content:

✅What is Sales?

✅What are the different selling styles and their uses

✅How to Use Negotiation As a Problem Solving Tool

✅Creating and Maximizing your Sales Proposal template

✅How to Influence People using Simple and Effective Techniques

✅Sales Techniques and Persuasion Hacks to win tough negotiations

✅Closing deals with confidence

✅Enjoy selling

✅Be organised and efficient



  • 1:1 session upon the completion of the course
  • Access to an exclusive content
  • Help desk support
  • A Support Partner

Grow your revenue now

We live in uncertain times. But stressing out about what the future and the economy will look like, will not solve anything.

Only if you have the right mindset and confidence in yourself, then you are capable to influence your life.

Maybe you just need a little push to be where you need to be.

Joining the Sales Skills Course is not only a privilege but also an opportunity to have your business to stand out.

Getting the right skill set, your business has no choice but to grow. Grow in figures, in conversions and in online bookings.

This platform was created exclusively for you to help you achieve a great lifestyle.

COURSE Pricing

Sales Skills Training – From 0 to Sales pro £499
Total Amount Due £499

We want you to be satisfied, so the Sale Skills Training purchased on marketingmentor.travel can be refunded within 30 days. For whatever reason, if you are unhappy with a course, you can request a refund. Most refunds are returned via the original payment method.


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