Sales Skills Training


It’s a course designed to help you negotiate, sell and succeed in your business

In here:

  • You learn sales techniques that will have a substantial impact in your business
  • You create a negotiation method which will disrupt your existing processes
  • You learn tips from experts to achieve quick wins in your day to day sales activity.

If that describes your goals, then the Sales Skills Training is for YOU!


What is the SALES SKILLS TRAINING about?

Hi! I’m Abdul Sacoor, a Tourism Marketing and Sales coach and I am here is make you a Mastermind of Negotiation.

Without mastering sales skills tips and negotiation strategies, businesses fail.

Selling requires commitment, dedication and purpose.

This course is designed not only for travel professionals but to every professional who is ready to sell and has the mindset to succeed.

In this course you will find Sales tips, Sales Hacks and Strategies as well as Practical sessions to become a Sales Expert.

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