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Making travel a topic of discussion might not be so difficult to do

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to be a normal discussion topic across the globe, people’s time that would have otherwise been spent perusing malls or going to live events, is now being spent on the sofa.

A Global Web Index report launched in the beginning of April 2020 about How COVID-19 Has Impacted Media Consumption tells us that 68% of consumers say they’re searching for coronavirus updates on the internet – making it the biggest online activity.

Aside from coronavirus content, people are consuming a wide variety of entertaining content online during the outbreak, such as listening to music (58%), watching movies/shows (49%), watching funny videos (42%), playing games on mobile (40%), and looking at memes (32%).

So, it’s not difficult to see that everyone wants to relax and in stress-free, pandemic-free and fear-free environment.

The report also says that close to 1 in 5 millennials are currently searching for vacations, suggesting that this generation may be more open to planning travel and may be preparing plans for after the outbreak.

Understandably the airlines are still shut down, the airports closed, the hotels being revamped and some converted into hospital extensions but this period of stillness won’t last forever.

And when the conditions are met to travel again, you won’t just need to be prepared for the overflow of demand but to be able to know how to give the right answers to people.  Being able to know what’s going on in each destination, how safe and health-friendly is the travel to X or Z country, what measures are in place tackle the spread, what conditions do the hospitals have put in place, how well each traveller needs to be prepared before travelling are just some of the list of questions that a travel company needs to answer when selling a holiday booking.

Currently there are still issues being addressed in the countries, but doesn’t stop you as a travel agent or a destination management company or a tour company to monitor the situation closely in order to help mould how you can be prepared in the future for the incoming flow of visitors.

These are just few advices which I strongly encourage you to do, in terms of updating regularly your Blog or website with:

  • Cancellation and Refund policies of the airlines with whom you work with
  • Information about a destination with a full check up of the coronavirus situation
  • Updates about what the airlines are saying in terms of resuming their activities
  • Impact of the pandemic at a economical level
  • Rules and regulations in accordance to travel to X country, Y destination
  • Sensitive and relevant content for vulnerable people that want to travel in the near future
  • Articles which promote a positive and safe travel
  • Interviews from the Local Authorities of your country with new updates about the health situation
  • Fresh content about different aspects of travelling like history, culture or heritage of a place
  • Online events with your repeat customers and talk about their best travel experiences
  • Travel guides with refreshed information about the coronavirus
  • Virtual tours to destinations, national parks, museums and other attractions
  • Holiday scenarios and trends in travel – Dos and Don’ts

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