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When small wins make a difference

I have asked our professional network to contribute to our Blog by sharing meaningful stories of how they are coping with the coronavirus outbreak in their day to day life and how they wish to make a positive impact.

Vivian is in Brazil and she gave her feedback, which we mostly appreciate and congratulate for her strength and continuous effort to keep her company up and running and help other businesses as well.

Hi Abdul,

Yes, I will share a little of my experience with you.

Here in Brazil everything is very different, the streets are empty, but companies are adapting and sending things to people’s homes.

I am working from home, with complete equipment and regular service.

I have applied some discounts and facilitated some sales, considering the difficult time not only for small companies but also for large companies.

I hope with my work to contribute and help so that companies are not forgotten during this delicate moment.

I hope everything will be fine soon.

Vivian Amilcar

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