Wondering what can make your time worth? These tips might help you

In uncertain times like these, health safety and economic stability are 2 life aspects that never been so connected.

But is it too early to talk about what to do when things start to look better? After all, many countries are just starting to introduce more stringent physical distancing measures as COVID-19 crosses their borders.

Well, since I was born I have never seen entire countries being converted in ghost destinations, people fearing for their lives in every country on earth, social distancing taken care so seriously and a pandemic that hit entire multi billion dollar industries.

And if you’re reading this now, probably you’ve seen your personal finances been impacted as well.

The reality is that we’re all in same boat.

So, we might just be sitting in wait? Or perhaps think about what people are looking to consume at the moment? Things that people see value in it while staying at home.

Let me tell you, there are companies still doing money.

Some are taking the chance to understand customer behaviour. It’s actually a great chance to target the audiences and sell them media like never before. I mean you can see this statistics of:

How Covid-19 has impacted media consumption, by generation

Considering that everyone’s at home, I believe it’s important to describe people’s behaviours to see what kind of value we can give to them.

I’ve done a very summarised and quick exercise to put us in context to see how few small changes had made such a huge impact in our lives:

covid-19 progression

I foresee this to happen in just a short period scenario and I imagine there will be many more in the long run.

In the meantime, we, as human beings will have to adapt to the circumstances.

So, based in the use of media now and in the future, there are opportunities which we should not neglect. Every aspect of business we are in will be impacted even when the pandemic is over.

In that case, I was thinking why can’t we invest our time in something more tangible?  Some small opportunities to generate some cash?

But before thinking in producing any kind of income generating product/service, I would do a quick survey to see what make sense to my audience. Knowing your audience well enough to see how you can stand out from your competitors and provide a value that nobody else does, is a must.

This will for sure help you tackle all the needs and build a product which people will not only buy but also give you a good review after they buy from you.

The examples that I will be showing you can be done with a short budget and in some cases you don’t need much, you just need to work out the structure of your offer in order to successfully implement it.

You might feel overwhelmed in some cases, but all of these are pretty much straightforward and if you have any questions or doubts on how to start creating any of these ideas, just shoot me an email.


Sell webinars on pay-what-you-want basis like skift has done it.


Sell online experiences like Airbnb

Offer your clients the option to Book and join one-of-a-kind activities from the comfort of their home


I’ve picked 5 specially easy ones curated just for you to inspire you in this journey

1)Teach how to cook your traditional food


2)Teach Goal setting


3)Talk about past experiences and lessons learned


4)Create multimedia experiences


5)Family storytelling


Sell anticoronavirus travel products

Well, investing in something can be a bit tricky, but sooner or later people will travel and the face masks are already a reality in countries where some travel restrictions have been lifted. What will probably happen as well is that it’s becoming a fashion trend and will likely become a necessity just like wearing clothes.

If you can, you can even partner with a designing/printing company and customise it with your logo

Face Masks with Breathing with your travel company logo


Procedure Medical Surgical Protection Face Masks


Events tourism

Even if you don’t own a theatre company, look for reselling or affiliate marketing opportunities by selling Online Theatre on Demand


Remote work

Survey your customers and ask them few questions which you believe you can be a active support player. Then, create a paid newsletter on an in-demand topic to keep your travel customers engaged.


Sell medical kits including coronavirus prevention products

The below is just an example. You can create your own medical kit.

Include basis anticorona prevention items like:


  • Water sprays
  • Anti-bacterial spray
  • Disposable tissues/wipes
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Travel soap
  • Handwash and Hand Sanitisers

What do you think? Is it doable?

I recognise that not every idea can be everyone’s cup of tea, but these might lead you to another income generating idea which you feel more comfortable with. Do you need any advise? Feel free to shoot me a message.

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