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What action plan is most effective now ?

An April 2020 Survey conducted by the Global Web Index was done to find out how the Covid-19 outbreak has changed internet user’s media consumption.

They’ve collected the opinions from 4,000 internet users between the ages of 16-64 across the U.S. and the UK.

My aim is not summarise what the report says and as I believe they’ve done a great job.

For me what is interesting is what kind of specific actions users are doing in particular in regards to understand their travel plans and what things they’re look at.

The report does not outline that kind of detail and was not even that aim to do so.

However, given the indication that top 3 reasons for people (across all ages) being online is:

Searching for covid-19 updates (68%)

Listening to music (58%)

Watching movies / shows (49%)

one can easily understand that is a sense or urgency for people to know what’s happening to the world, how safe is their health, their economy, the progress that is being done to get rid outbreak among many other concerns.

The second and third reason tells us that people are looking to be in a relaxing mode, to be entertained with things that make them happy.

For many of us, if we were not in breakdown stage, in normal circumstances, the number 1 reason for being online probably would be to look for the next holiday. Maybe yes, maybe no. What still brings me some kind of comfort is that online users are still planning for holidays despite the lockdowns and undefined circumstances of travel.

Check it out below:

I mean of course, you can’t just stop suspend your options to treat someone somewhere even if is only next year or next summer. Travel is a part of all of us, either is for leisure or business, education or any other purpose which makes sense to our lives.

Planning a holiday requires a lot of information mainly in this stage with so many questions about travel bans, regulations, health measures, prevention measures and other cities, hotels, public places are doing to ensure every one’s safe a destination.

What Travel Professionals should be doing is to prepare for this kind of questions with resources which can help an aspiring traveller to buy a deal from them (even if is time dependent)

The overwhelming situation that we’re facing right now is making a lot of companies going completely dark and it does not help, if you want to continue your business.

I want to give you 3 powerful tips for your travel company to build a foundation for future bookings:

  • Give reassurances, by not keeping their audience out of the radar and develop an open communication channel to answer all the queries, either be on social platforms, by email, video or other. This is the time to prove that you exist to help and do whatever it’s in your hands to help your customers.

See this example here from British Airways:

  • Encourage Future Travel – Writing yourself or have someone to write about corona virus travel focused updates regularly on their digital channels

Source: UNWTO

  • Market your message effectively, by continuing to create high quality travel content with a sense of context, sensitiveness and relevancy for their audience

Source: VisitPortugal

To disclose a definitive date to start travelling safe and sound may not be something we can give to travellers yet but to empower them and encourage them to live their love for tourism even if it is through a simple message, let’s do it and let’s give them food of thought for better days to come.

What will you write about? Tell us all. Maybe we can give you some tips.

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