Over 97% of millennial’s share photos and videos of their travels online, building an influential web of peer-to-peer content that serves to inspire potential guests. Instagram Stories give travellers a window into the events and activities taking place right now in their destination.

This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed. Many hotels and resorts have turned to running social contests and campaigns to ensure that they get some credit for their guests’ social activity. You don’t want to miss this valuable opportunity to get a tag from your customers when they’re abroad.

To easily accomplish that, use one of this exciting templates asking them to tag you in their photos, videos and stories in exchange of participating in a competition to WIN a prize.

Just send us a picture of the PRIZE you want to offer, along with your company’s name hashtag and we’ll you send you a full Instagrammable post+Instagram story to promote your offer.

This will give you massive opportunity to grow your Instagram account.

Let us create a beautiful, custom, effective Instagram post + Instagram story for your business, ONLY for £9.99

Instagram Post Example

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