The increasing competition of travel services makes the part of the pre-sales process a huge component in the booking cycle.

Professionals of this field are constantly researching for new tactics to approach customers and following up. This has turned out to be a huge profitable market altogether.

A serious access over the social media channels is very important to run a successful business. You may have an offline business but your access to digital channels is essential to reach your targeted customers.

Most of the people of the recent time prefer to surf the internet on a regular basis. Many of them can be defined as the internet savvy.  Therefore, your access over the internet is important to reach to this section of people.

You need to shift from the traditional way of marketing to reach the new generation for more response.

Presentation in the proper manner is very important to get enough response.

For this reason and focusing on the aim to save time to travel agents, our professional copywriting team has produced 50 TRAVEL SALES & FOLLOW-UPS TEMPLATES for you to send by email, linkedIN, Whatsapp, SMS and other marketing channels.

These materials were intended for you to use to approach leads, potential customers and follow up on the Olympic games package proposal you’ve sent to your friend 2 weeks ago before they telling you that they would brainstorm at home (talking with the wife/husband and comparing the competition online). These easily social formatted materials can be easily used by whatsapp or email to facilitate your job without having to think about what to say to your customers.

You can even change such templates in your own terms without involving anyone to rewrite them.

Such customisation does not demand much time like the traditional method of writing. Such templates are already enriched with a very powerful business approach.  Actually they are also made by experienced travel writers.

You just need to purchase for a fantastic price of £9.99 and use them at your convenience while saving you time and money but fulfilling the same service of a formally designed sales message.

Just the addition of your content to your phone library is enough to win a new prospect.

Presentation is important to get the best result from your customers. Using these templates will get the best from your end to convince people to buy your travel packages.


Direct Approach Cold Email Templates

Subject: Have you thought of travel insurance for backpackers? Congrats! We have the perfect solution for you!

Hi {{FirstName}},

Since I work in travel since {{Year}},, I am constantly following travel news. I’ve noticed that you recently liked and enquired one of our posts about the new travel insurance for backpackers. Congrats!

Usually when that happens, we try to make that need a priority. That’s why I thought you might be interested in finding out how we helped {{similar traveller}} get going quickly in their new direction – without any of the typical glitches.

If you’d like to learn more, let’s set up a quick call. How does {{specific day and time}} look on your calendar?


Subject: Let’s Talk Travel!

Hi { name},

It was great to meet you at our family/friends dinner last week.

I’m reaching out because I have several ideas for how you can save more and ultimately make the most of your holidays to Australia.

Would it be okay for me to reach out next week to share those ideas with you?

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