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Trends in Tourism tells us that businesses who had revenue growth in the last 12 months had a Marketing Strategy in place. Get ready to start generating solid bookings in 2023.

Get ready to:

Maximise your wins with unlimited access to social resources for travel.

Action strategies that will create a stream of recurring revenue for your hotel, travel agency and tourism business.

Deliver quality and achieve your sales targets with proven strategies.

The Marketing Mentor for travel professionals is a platform developed with a unique vision of helping you get most of your business by using the right strategies and setting up the right mindset.

Well, travel is tough and makes you wonder if you’re in the right industry!

We know how you feel and we are here to help!


  • A travel offer that people actually express interest
  • Not only an appealing website but that actually converts into paying travellers
  • A successful travel agency
  • The lifestyle that allows you to travel for fun as much as you want

If that’s you, then you want to take your business to another level and that’s why this platform is a good fit for you.

We know that you are the travel consultant that gives people authentic experiences to improve their life and making them feel special and happy.

You know the best places for honeymooners to spend the time of their life.

You give value to people’s choices and you guide them to be in awesome places, destinations and experiences.

You give the best advice possible to travellers and they truly trust you.

And we are here to improve your skills and turn your travel know-how into a outstanding successful, satisfying and rewarding business.

Yes, I want to revolutionize my business and increase my income

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